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burningtreehouse asked:

Hey BUB, I just saw the last part of your movie. It was sad. So I was wondering, are you constantly getting better? Greetings from Germany! GOOD JOB BUB!

Hello. It’s me BUB. 

The really scary part at the end of the movie happened almost a year ago. And since then, there have been a few more scary incidents. Being from space it’s been hard for my dude, his vet and other specialists to figure me out. 

But the good news is that thanks to some awesome new information and treatments I’m doing better than ever. In fact, I am now able to stand fully upright, run around and even jump for the first time since I was a tiny kitten two years ago. I even have a very special video to share with everyone on Tuesday that will blow your mind.

One of the coolest things we discovered is that traveling is very good for my specific rare bone condition. My dude always wondered why I became more active and mobile on our trips, and we’re thrilled to find out that the vibrations of moving vehicles (cars and planes) helps specific cells (osteoclasts) in my bones break down since my body doesn’t break them down naturally as it should. This also explains why the Assisi Loop Device I’ve been using (Pulsed Elecromagnetic Field Therapy) is particularly effective and has had such a profound effect on my mobility.

This is science and magic at it’s finest. And I’m happy to report that life rules.

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