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rh2o asked:

Where can I buy a perma or munchkin cat? BUB RULES.


BUB is not a “munchkin cat” or a specific breed. She is a rescue and was born a feral kitten with unique characteristics that made her different from her siblings.

BUB strongly discourages people from buying “munchkin breeds”. Munchkin breeds are created by breeders by taking “accidents” like BUB and cross breeding them with other “accidents” to create a breed that humans think is cute. But this is cruel, and results in many kittens that don’t survive, and the ones that do survive end up having all kinds of health problems, experience pain and have shortened life spans.

If you want a special and amazing cat, go to your animal shelter and find one. There are always special needs cats that need special people to take care of them. 

-Me and BUB

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