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Hello it’s me BUB. So all the t-shirts are finally done today… my dude and his dude buddies and babe buddies had some hang ups with the shirts but they are all finally ready.

Unfortunately because of the hang ups, I was not able to package all of the t-shirts and waddle over to the post office today as promised. But all shirts will be shipping out early next week, I PROMISE.

Thanks for buying a t-shirt with my face on it. It really means a lot to me even though my dude is a bit stressed out with all the logistics of keeping my fans happy. Y’all are the best. That’s Texas talk.

And if you still want to buy a shirt with my amazing face on it, we made plenty extra! And they will also ship out with the rest next week! You can order them here:


OK it’s Friday night I’m going to go party BUB style now.

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